Body Treatments

Our Body Treatments are the ultimate relief for your body. Our goal is to reinvigorate your body, your mind and your soul as you just relax.

In our expert hands, you'll escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 


Body Wrap

What is a Body Wrap?

Body wrapping is a cellulite and inch loss treatment program.

It is a great way to detoxify, tone and reshape your body. Our Aloe Vera concentrate contains 99% pure Aloe Vera and is enriched with multiple vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, that will help rid your body of cellulite.

We suggest a body brush and one of our cellulite treatment products (Aloe Vera Miracle Gel or Slim Thighs) for at home use in between the wrap sessions. A regular fitness routine is recommended to keep your body in shape. To see long lasting results, we recommend a series of 6 to 12 treatments to rid your body of the excess cellulite and inches. Body wraps can be combined with facials – ask for package prices.


Please bring a bikini or an extra set of underwear for this treatment and do not use soaps, lotions or creams prior to the wrap and for 4 - 6 hours after the wrap.


Aloe Vera Collagen Body Wrap

We start with a dry brushing to slough off dead skin cells, increase blood circulation, and stimulate the sweat glands. Skin brushing tones and tightens the skin and drastically reduces cellulite deposits. Next, our Aloe Vera Miracle Gel will be massaged into the cellulite areas before we will wrap your body with hot cotton wraps that have been soaked in the Aloe Vera Collagen formula. Relax under a heated blanket for 45 minutes.                                                      $ 79.- for 90 min

Series of 6 ... $ 415.-


Detoxifying Herbal Body Wrap

Become toned and detoxified while you relax. This is the same wrapping technique as above, but uses an all-natural herbal formula, with herbs in their natural state with no fragrance or color added.                                                                                                          $ 79.- for 90 min

Series of 6 … $ 415.-


Sea Mud Body Wrap

Experience an all over pulling and tightening effect with our unique sea mud body wrap formula. Now you can lose more inches than ever before!

We will start with a dry brushing to exfoliate the body, stimulate circulation and create a palate that is ready for hydration. We will spray your body with our Amino Collagen Spray, and apply the Sea Mud clay. Your body will be wrapped in hot cotton wraps soaked in Aloe Vera formula. You will put on a vinyl sauna suit to hold the heat in, and boots to keep your feet warm and flush out all the toxins. Relax for 60 minutes. You’ll be amazed by the results.                                               

                                                                                                                 $ 89.- for 100 min

Series of 6 ... $ 475.-


Mini partial wrap

This wrap is focusing on cellulite prone areas like thighs and belly. After dry brushing your body, we will apply Aloe Vera Gel and wrap your body with hot cotton wraps from above the knees up to under the bust.                                                                                                          $ 55.- for 60 min

Series of 6 for $ 270.-


Plastic Wrap

This wrap will tighten your skin and smoothes your body all over. After dry brushing your body, we will apply Aloe Vera Gel and Cream, and wrap your body in plastic wrap and a heated blanket.

$ 45.- for 45 min


Garden Therapy Hot Stone Back Massage

This massage will be custom tailored for you, using hot stones and soothing strokes for ultimate stress relief, tension-, headache-, and anxiety relief. Our aromatherapy oils will leave you energized and rejuvenated. 

$45.- for 30 min



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