Face-It European Skincare

Welcome to our European Skincare Day Spa.

Relax and enjoy your treatments in a unique

private setting with garden view.

We offer the ultimate organic skincare utilising the

healing powers of plants and herbs.


All adult facials include deep cleansing, skin

analysis, exfoliation, steam, removal of pore

impurities (if needed), a mask, and a facial

massage including décolleté and neck.

Face-It European Signature Facial

A purifying and traditional treatment customized for all skin types. This treatment includes deep cleansing with our herbal product line, skin analysis, exfoliation, steam, mask, massage and finishing creams. Free hand massage.

$ 75.-  (60 min)

Face-It Aromatherapy Facial

The ultimate in whole body relaxation and skin results. Using a combination of botanical wisdom and modern technology, our holistic aromatherapy products, Organic Nation from Australia, offer superior solutions. A facial tailored to your skin's needs with a sampling of the best of our spa skincare products. This treatment will rehydrate and gently deep cleanse all skin types with the appropriate cleanser, exfoliant, mask, aromatherapy massage and finishing creams.

Includes free hand and arm massage with heated mittens.

$ 85.- for 90 min

Face-it Collagen Facial

One of the most popular anti-aging facials. This treatment includes cleansing, steam, exfoliation, skin rejuvenation with a Collagen serum, massage and our special Collagen sheet mask. Helps skin regain moisture, tone, and resiliency while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

Includes free hand or foot treatment with heated mittens/booties.

$ 95.-  for 90 minutes

Series of three … $ 240.-


Face-It Vitamin C Facial

After a deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, and massage of the skin, a high concentration of pure Vitamin C (Serum and Mask) from our organic skincare line is applied.

This potent antioxidant treatment is ideal for people with stressful lifestyles, as well as those of any age whose complexions have lost elastin and suffered dehydration from sun and environmental damage. This protective treatment reduces fine lines, stimulates collagen production, strengthens capillaries, renews skin firmness and provides pronounced healing and regenerative benefits.

Includes free foot or hand treatment.

$ 85.-  for 90 minutes 

Series of three … $ 210.-


Face-It Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a facial treatment that removes pore-clogging, complexion-dulling dead skin cells, revealing a new layer of fresher, smoother skin underneath. This treatment also boosts collagen production and helps firm up wrinkles over time. we use a diamond-tipped wand to gently buff the skin and remove the topmost layer. 

This facial is ideal for any skin type. A series of 3 - 6 treatments will give you the best results. 

Includes free hand or foot treatment with heated mittens/booties.

$ 85.-  for 60 minutes 

Series of Three … $ 210.-


Face-It Oxygenating Facial

This facial, appropriate for all skin types, is an effective treatment for devitalized, congested, dehydrated and hyperpigmented skins. A mask formulated with botanical alpha hydroxy oxygenates and deeply hydrates the skin, allowing it to breathe as it purifies, decongests and clarifies the skin.

A penetrating and relaxing massage of face, head and neck completes this revitalizing treatment. This facial is ideal for any skin and is recommended as a series of 3 treatments.

Includes free hand or foot treatment with heated mittens/booties.

$ 95.-  for 90 minutes 

Series of Three … $ 240.-


Face-It Calming Facial – Mud Therapy

This ultimate sensitive facial protects, corrects and rebuilds skin using natural products from the Organic Nation Skincare line and gentle techniques. A sensitive serum and unique mud therapy masque is included to detoxify, balance, and hydrate the skin. The powerful combination of bentonite and kaolin clays, algae extracts and nut oils will calm any redness or inflammation.

Includes free hand or foot treatment with heated mittens/booties.

$ 85.-  for 90 minutes


Face-It Clarifying Facial

Double cleansing using dual action exfoliating gel with bamboo, ginseng and ginko creates a smooth, fresh surface. This skin correcting facial is beneficial for those experiencing signs of enlarged pores, oily and acne-prone skin, fine lines and premature aging.

We finish with a calming mask, oily rescue serum, and a brief soothing massage. Free hand massage.   $ 75.-  for 80 min


Mini Facial

A great introduction facial for those who have never experienced professional facial care.

Also excellent for those needing a “quick” lunch break facial or care between regular treatments.

Includes cleansing, steam, and either a mask or short facial massage - your choice.                                                                $ 40.- for 30 min



Face-It Gentleman’s Facial

A remarkable treatment specifically designed for men. This facial begins with a deep pore cleansing with exfoliation and steam, followed by a personalized repair ampoule. A relaxing anti-stress facial massage follows, ending with a hydrating mask. As a final touch, a moisturizer and soothing gel are applied to prevent razor burn and sensitivity. For best results, we recommend shaving 3 hours prior to the treatment.

Includes free hand massage.                                                                      $ 65.-  for 60 min


Teen Facial

A speciality facial designed for the teenage skin. This facial is customized for each client to promote healthy, radiant acne free skin along with tips on skin care that will last a lifetime. The teen facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions, ending with a cleansing and soothing mask. Moisturizer and sun screen will be applied.

Ages 11 – 13                                                                                   $ 45.-  for 45 min

Ages 14 - 18                                                                                    $ 55.-  for 45 - 60 min


Back Facial

In this treatment, the back is cleansed and exfoliated followed by steam, extractions, a purifying mask and a brief massage. Great for problematic skin.                                  $ 50.-  for 45 min



Add-ons to any Facial Treatment:

  • Soothing and firming Collagen Eye Treatment $ 10.-
  • Rejuvenating Lip Treatment $ 10.-
  • Lash Tinting $ 18.-
  • Brow Tinting $ 10.-
  • Make up Application (after Facial) $ 15.- 
  • Brow Wax $ 15.-
  • Lip Wax $ 15.-


Prices are subject to change



Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled reservation.

Early arrival allows time for a leisurely check-in, a change of clothes, and to relax into the experience that awaits you.

As a courtesy to the next guest, please note that if you arrive late your treatment will end as previously scheduled.